MemberPlus is a product of Blink Systems Limited. It is offered as SaaS (Software as  a Service) to the different entities (clubs, associations, saccos etc) that have paid up members such as school Alumni Associations, interest group associations, professional associations, paid up membership clubs  like Rotary and many other types of associations and clubs that have members who pay membership fees, pay contributions or donations to different causes or projects. 

MemberPlus offers the following:

1. Creating an Association/Club as an administrator
2. Linking an Association/Club  to a blinkPay account.
3. Creating an Association/Club account. Associations/Clubs can themselves login and register members.
4.  Registration of Association/Club Members. Members can self-register and be charged fees configured.
5.  Exporting of Members to HTML / PDF / Excel
6.  Association/Club Member accounts crediting / debiting.
7. Creation of Member Categories (available to Associations/Clubs and Administrators)
8.  Exporting of Transactions to HTML / PDF / Excel.
9.  Members interface. Members can also login and see their payments history etc.

MemberPlus is fully integrated with blink bulk payments and blink 2 bank enabling entities to move their club or association payments from their blinkpay account to either the bank or mobile money accounts.  Entities can disburse funds, to multiple members through the bulk payments feature using mobile money or send bulk airtime/data  to multiple recipients from their blinkpay account.

For any information about MemberPlus, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +256 414 664984 / +256 772 680158. We shall be glad to hear from you.